Re: Folder Name fFor Re: Reed's sketches #nano #arduino #ubitxv6

Reed N

Hi Dave,

Arduino's IDE has a silly requirement than the *.ino file name match the folder name it's inside, so since my version has a file called "ubitxv6.ino", you have to put all of the files (including the ubitxv6.ino) into a folder called "ubitxv6".

Once you have the Arduino IDE open, under the "Tools" menu (which you should be able to access via keyboard by pressing Alt momentarily, and then navigating via the arrow keys) you'll need to set the "Board" to "Arduino Nano", the "Port" to whichever USB serial port is assigned by the computer (might be the only option, if you don't have anything else connected), and the "Processor" to "ATMega328p (Old Bootloader)". With those settings in place, you should be able to press Ctrl+U to compile, verify, and upload/program.


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