Re: My V6 UI has suddenly started beeping with each button press.

Jeff Debes

Thanks again Reed for hanging with me and my sometimes (I know) annoying comments and questions.

I tried the BFO alignment/set with my home laptop and it seems to work, but I have a few comments on the HF Sigs instructions on the tuning aid:
Maybe the tuning aid should instruct  whether to use just ‘noise’  vs a signal and/ or if one should disconnect the antenna etc. Maybe a signal is good to view on it?

I  dislike the need to have to twitch the tuning knob in order to enact the switch between LSB and USB. But at least it works that way now.   BTW In the tuning aid instructions,  the word that is intended to be “approximately”  is misspelled. Should be corrected.

I think you said you have a software release that fixes that and the touch response button highlighting and visual indication of touched soft button? What else?
Has anyone created a  12 meters version?
What about 160 meters? ( I take it hardware design might not work for 160) .

Segway, back to other questions and comments made: 
I like to do some SOTA ( Summits On The Air )climbing mountains, making contacts, getting points for peaks climbed and contacts made. I get lots of exercise when i do these treks. .....  but this  is one reason for wanting a minimal tinkering, off-the-shelf QRP rig that could be used portably. My  decreased motivation to dive into many new things, to understand the guts of the radio architecture, or fixes , etc is driven by my own view and interests in ham radio as a hobby.
And there are many others like-minded out there.
 So in this regard, it might be good for the support group and for HF Signals to tailor expectations to meet the need to help out operators who have similar interests. 
How much more might a fully assembled , tuned and ready to operate V6 go for ?
$250, $300 , $350  Many might buy it.

On May 29, 2020, at 10:18 PM, Reed N <greenkid336600+groupsio@...> wrote:

Long button press on stock software will get you to the menu, but won't do anything with beeping that I can think of. There's a small sound blip when the frequency is changed, but not a CW style beep...



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