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David Barber

Hello: Reed 

I am very close in  beginning the update of my UBitX V6 with your V6 update. 

First: it is nice to notice a V6 user who accidentally discovered the CW read of the display for person's  who are Blind. As a person who is blind it made me smile!

Second: I have downloaded and installed the Arduino program. Also, I have downloaded your V6 zip file. Both files were downloaded via Microsoft Edge. They are both in my Windows 10 download folder. Which folder does the zip file contents go in to?  

Third: My NV Access screen reading program has problems in reading  the Arduino screens. Can I make setting changes and update my UBitX  via Arduino hot keys? If so, which order  of the Arduino hot keys are to be used?  By the way, could a scrip be created for Arduino program in updating the UBitX V6?

Appreciate all the help.

73 Dave WD8AJQ

On May 29, 2020, at 9:31 PM, Reed N <greenkid336600+groupsio@...> wrote:

Jack is spot on about needing all the files, and the benefit of reduced compile times. The easiest way is to click the green download button, then choose to download the full zip file.

I'd also add that its way easier to navigate multiple single-job files than a single monolithic ino file. There's a bit of a curve in knowing which pieces are in which files, but compartmentalized code pieces make it easy to figure out where dependencies are, and where related code pieces are.


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