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Aaron K5ATG

Thank you Jack,

I was looking at all of the files and was thinking, which one do I need or want.

I’m completely guessing here, do I add the sketches that Reed has to the existing default sketch in my Arduino Nano one at a time to see if I like the change in the performance?



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The main entry point for any Arduino project is the file that contains setup() and loop(). The file that holds those two functions must have the secondary file name *.ino. For Reed's code, the file is ubitxv6.ino. The purpose of the setup() function is to establish the environment in which the code is to run. The purpose of loop() is to provide a continuously-running body of code and is the work horse for the program. I would start with setup() and then proceed to loop(), looking at the function calls in each. If you need help understanding the C code, I can give you a (very biased) book recommendation.


Jack, W8TEE


On Friday, May 29, 2020, 1:27:16 PM EDT, Aaron K5ATG via <k5atg@...> wrote:



I'm still learning Arduino and such and I was told to check out Reed's sketches for the display for the v6 uBITX. I went to the GitHub site uBITX v6 Arduino Sketch
There is a huge list of files there. I'm not exactly sure where to start or what to do. 
Any help would be appreciated. 

Jack, W8TEE


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