Re: Bitx V6 Modifications

Dale Parfitt

Regarding the  5W 12VDC power supply- While I do not recall measuring the Bitx TX current- if the rig  puts out say 10W at 70% efficiency then the PA input wattage is conservatively 15W or so- and then  one has the  rest of the circuitry and display to consider….

I can’t see how a 5W supply is going to be able to handle TX.


Dale W4OP


From: [] On Behalf Of Stephen KO4CVU
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2020 7:29 PM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] Bitx V6 Modifications


The microphone with pre-amp was a Barjan CB amplified microphone I bought it on Amazon for $23.98 from Advanced Specialties Inc. Evan recommended this microphone to me in a reply to one of my prior posts. (Thank you, Evan!) Another friend told me just today that he had success with an Astatic mic on his BIT v3 unit.
Also, I have been pleased with a #PS-12005 5 watt, 12 VDC power supply that I found on the “All Electronics” website for $10.95. The plug on the DC cord even fit the jack on the back of my uBITX!
Have fun with your uBITX!

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