Re: Bitx V6 Modifications

Stephen KO4CVU

First, read the “uBITX Power and Gain Issues” topic in the Wiki for more information. Don’t expect the same power output on 10 meters as you might get on 80 meters.
Second, go ahead NOW and order a microphone with a pre-amp if you intend to communicate via phone/SSB. You will also need a stereo plug to install on the new microphone cord, if you buy one.
Third, after turning on the unit and familiarizing yourself with the factory Arduino sketch, download and install Reed’s latest sketch. You will really appreciate his improvements.
Fourth, spend a LOT of time watching Arhhan’s video about how to adjust the VFO and BFO. You may need to check these adjustments on the radio you receive. It has taken me a number of adjustment attempts to get close to usable settings.

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