Re: Highlighting band selected

Arv Evans


The OS is open source.  That should make it possible for you to add your own 
"features".  At one time I suggested that key strokes or display touches should 
be accompanied by a "beep".  That should be easy to implement in just a couple 
lines of code.  Extending this thought...maybe also blink the display when a 
button or command is issued?  That too would be only a few code statements.

Part of the advantages of the uBITX open source code is that you can make 
changes at will.  Cannot do that with the popular K3 or similar high priced 

If you do take on the challenge to upgrade the assembly and operating 
instructions, I would suggest that you use some sort of version-control 
editor.  This would highlight your changes and make it easier for Farhan to 
add those particular changes to the master document.  


On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 8:10 PM Jeff Debes <jeff.debes@...> wrote:
Anyone know if there is a software mod to highlight the band currently selected?

It is poor user operability if touching a button shows no action on that button.



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