What’s actually better?


I thought a 2N2219 was a 2N2222 in a bigger package that can handle a bit more heat, so basically the same device otherwise.

uBitx.net the following is attributed to Alison

Pre-driver – We need the gain again to be more stable and higher as well. Transistors tried that worked better included the TO18 2n2222A

Driver –This is where the 2n3904 really fails. Its bandwidth at high currents actually does down. The 2n2222A has the reverse, the gain and bandwidth increased with increasing current.

On HFsigs Farhan says

Transmitting The power chain uses four common plastic 2N3904s in push-pull as drivers. The 2N3904s have enough gain at 30 MHz. The 2N2219s tried  earlier were found to have low gain at higher frequencies.

So... which has more gain/performs better on  ~17, 15, 12,10 meters in the uBitx if you ignore cost? 

Also so when did 2N2222s get costly? They were once called something like the “cockroaches” of electronics.

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