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Bill Cromwell


Maybe there are some unfair or unrealistic expectations of some minimal knowledge to become a ham. The instructions seem to be written with that in mind. One thing we learn when we must write is who the target audience actually is. To be fair to HF Signals I have been surprised by the nature of some questions asked by licensed hams - even without an expectation that new hams know *everything*. None of us knows *everything* and learning only stops when we die without us ever knowing *everything*. My comments are not aimed to offend or insult or belittle anybody.

Just to balance those statements, I have personally known hams with extra class and commercial licenses who clearly did not know some basic things. To me that was even more incredible than some of the questions I see today. At least today's newbies know to ask them even if they don't know the words needed to ask:) I am now one of thos *old* extra class hams and I try to not be like those fellows I have just mentioned. I know I am a very poor 'distance elmer' and I wish I could get a few of those new hams in my shop for a day or two. If they ask me something I don't know we could both learn:)


Bill KU8H

On 5/28/20 10:57 AM, Jeff Debes wrote:
Bill, Tony,
Thanks for the advice.
To be clear: I have a confirmed QSO where the op copied me on LSB and USB with out me changing any settings.
Is that still a possible symptom for misaligned BFO?
If so fine. I will try again at home with a PC.
I want to say that the kit is sold as a working board, & the buyer is trusting that it is working, that it was tested properly. What if it is not? That will happen.
Documentation clarity for engineers is one matter, and appears to be simple enough, for casual builders it may need to differ.
A support group such as this is fine for resolving many issues , but it should not be the only recourse.
Why do so many users come back here to ask questions? ( the documentation is not adequate?)
Personally, I’m used to building non-digital circuits/radios. There is operability simplicity , excellent ease of use, and clarity in analog radio circuits.
Thanks everyone for the advice. I will try the suggestions.
bark less - wag more

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