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Bill Cromwell


I have to agree with Tony and the others on this. A misaligned BFO will produce the same symptoms on *ANY* radio like this one (includeing those with four figure price tags). I have worked on a few for other hams and the BFO way way far off on the ones with these symptoms.

If you are unable to get it working you might find somebody on here to get it going for you. I think you should try to get it working yourself. I did not find any deficiencies in the instructions.


Bill KU8H

On 5/28/20 8:27 AM, Tony Vandenborn wrote:
When you study the uBITX block diagram, and understand it, you can clearly see it is rather impossible that your radio receives/transmits both sidebands same time. You really have to align the BFO and master oscillator frequencies, your kit is not defective!
Op do 28 mei 2020 om 14:18 schreef Jeff Debes <jeff.debes@... <mailto:jeff.debes@...>>:
Ok Stephen,
I will think about trying it.
I used to do a small bit or arduino programming but that is not
something i want to get back into.
Right now though I need to know why my radio only works as double
sideband. I don’t think its an alignment problem,  I  have doubts
that tuning will cure the issue.
I hope someone has ideas on what might be wrong else I might want to
return this unit to HD Sigs as defective.

On May 28, 2020, at 7:28 AM, Stephen KO4CVU
<@KO4CVU <mailto:@KO4CVU>> wrote:

Jeff, I can vouch for Reed’s software. It makes a great
improvement in the operation and control of the touchscreen.
Downloading and installing It was my first experience working with
an Arduino Nano, (although I did have some experience with
programmable logic controllers years ago.) If I can do it, it must
not be too hard! :) I will be happy to share my notes about the
process with you, if you’d like them.
*jeff.debes@... <mailto:jeff.debes@...>*
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