Re: #ubitxcw #ubitxv6 More signal out on 10 meters than other bands? #ubitxcw #ubitxv6

Stephen KO4CVU

I ordered and just received the microphone with pre-amplifier that you suggested I buy. I also built a poor-man’s low power watt meter. To compare the new microphone with the original Baofeng microphone, I downloaded a signal generator app on my iPhone 6 and set it to 70% volume on a 1,000 hertz tone. I then measured the power output at the antenna connector by putting the iPhone next to the microphone being tested and moved the iPhone on the microphone until I got the maximum output. I repeated this test at a frequency on each of the bands. There was 10 fold increase on the 80 and 40 meter bands! In my opinion, if someone plans to order a uBITX v6.1 for voice use, they might as well order a microphone with a pre-amplifier at the same time and save themselves a lot of grief. Evan, thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction. Sincerely, Stephen P. S. Now, I have to do some serious searching on the posts to find the most efficient antenna for use on the 40 meter band.

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