Re: New uBITX v6 #ubitx #ubitxv6 #signalink

Don - KM4UDX

Yes.  Straight simple cables connecting mic to speak, and ditto for speak to mic.

And +1 for Dean's observations.  

Or you can use the creators approach, just put your laptop near the rig, and they will hear each other. Hahaha.

I used a EASYDigi interface.  It has transformers for audio isolation, caps to block any DC, even a optical PPT circuit ( think signal link on the cheap). 

I felt great about my interface. Digital operations were reliable  and a blast.  Just one little issue: It made no difference whatsoever compared to jumper cables.  

Moral?  Simple is better, most always.  

My buddies with rig blasters,  signallinks, custom builds, have gone to great expense and complexity to put in a volume pot in the signal pathway. I figured how to set volume levels in the application and OS.  So no worries on the lost  extra level set knobs...hahah.

Go digital and get your comms on!


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