Re: New uBITX v6 #ubitx #ubitxv6 #signalink

Evan Hand

The one thing that I would add to Dean's advice is to include snap-on ferrites for the lines in and out of the computer (audio and USB).   I found I had RF feedback issues that distorted the audio in both directions, and some intermittent cat issues.  The ferrites seemed to solve that.

Also, I did need to purchase an inexpensive USB audio dongle for it to work with my laptop.  For that dongle, I connected the mono audio into both of the stereo input lines for the best results.  BTW, I have 3 and all seem to work with the WSJT-X software, so do not have a specific version to suggest.  I am currently using a Plugable adapter that is no longer available on Amazon where I bought it.

If you still have problems, then an  EasyDigi interface for the transformers will help in grounding issues.

Above are my experiences with both a v4 and v5 rig working FT8.

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