Re: New uBITX v6 #ubitx #ubitxv6 #signalink

Gordon Gibby

I don’t know about the version six, but I used to use my version three by just connecting to the mic & the speaker and the push to talk, the way I do with any rig, and it worked pretty well!   I did my first WINLINK using a vacuum tube Heathkit SB 102.  So I expect you can take any single side band rig and make it work   Just be sure you don’t have distortion, and get the frequency within about 100 Hz.  You can use WWV to check what you have done to calibrate. 

On May 26, 2020, at 21:22, Aaron K5ATG via <k5atg@...> wrote:

Got my uBITX v6 in the mail this morning, 7 days ahead of the scheduled delivery day. I put it together in no time, I did not experience any problems at all, and before I knew it, it was on the air! It is taking a bit to learn how to operate it but so far so good. 

I do have a question though, I do like to run digital modes. Has anyone figured out a way to hook a SignaLink USB up to the v6? 

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