Re: Is there a complete v1->v2->v3->v4->v5->v6 hardware version history?

ajparent1/kb1gmx <kb1gmx@...>

It all started with the minima in 2014.

HF1  from about april 2014 was the base design that was later called microbitx.  It did not
appear as a production board/design/kit until it was V3 level.  Prior to that is was all self
made and maybe one or two off (likely 3 or 5 boards, proto shop)  builds.

If there is a V2.2 for sale its a random one off or may be actually a Bitx
(similar bot the same) which goes back another 10+ years.  BItx (band 40 or 20
and 17 are common) were kitted but is a single conversion compared to
HF1/uBitx being a dual conversion.

Hardware wise the difference from V3 though V5 are small if any biggest being
the audio amp, output low pass relay arrangement, then later the 45mhz IF and
a few parts changes.

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