Re: V5+digiboard and first calibration // paused for 20 years

Evan Hand

I use the v6 process to calibrate my radios:  set BFO using the Ashhar Farhan video and the BFO tuning page.

1 - Set the BFO using the bfo-tuning-aid.
2 - Calibrate the rig
3 - Reset the BFO using the aid

Note: This is only with the KD8CEC software on the v5.  The stock software of the v5 puts the rig into TX mode at 10MHz.  You are then to adjust the calibration until the signal is zero beat on another receiver set to 10 MHz.  Also, you can use any AM station that you know the frequency is correct.  You just set the dial to the correct frequency before you go into the calibrate mode.

6.07 Radio Channel 292 Germany Rohrbach Waal German, Dutch, English 05:25-19:00

Assuming the frequency is correct (6.07 MHz), and you can verify that it is the correct stations, then you set the radio for 6.070000 MHz, go into calibrate mode and adjust the calibration to zero beat the station.  Press the PTT button on the mic to save the value, and then wait 10 seconds to power down.  Go back and then readjust the BFO.

When using Memory Manager:
Always start by reading the current data from the uBiTx.  I then save to a temporary file so I can go back to the starting point.
Make the adjustments
Write the values to the uBiTx.
- Close the connection in Memory Manage. IF you do not do this the then you will need to restart  Memory Manager as the commlink gets corrupted.
- Disconnect the USB cable
- Power cycle the uBiTx.
- Test the new settings.
If all is good, reconnect Memory Manager, read the values and save the file to a known location in case you need to replace the Nano in the future. (The calibration parameters are mainboard specific and can be transferred to another Nano with the same results.

I hope this helps.

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