V5+digiboard and first calibration // paused for 20 years

Peter, DH2FBY

Hi everyone,

after having paused my activities in hamradio for about 20 years, the ubitx (and especially this group - thank you all!) got me started again. I have now „built“ a v5, added the Digi-board from elekitsorparts.com, upgraded to KD8CEC v1.2. and I ran the first couple of QSOs on FT8 with a misaligned ubitx putting out <1W to my MFJ magnetic loop. Now I think I need to adjust the BFO and perform a calibration:

(Added a screenshot of the JTDX waterfall) 

1. Looking at the audio passband in JTDX, I see it being shifted about 2,5kHz to the right.
2. To get the FT8 signals into the audio passband,  I needed to set the VFO frequency to about 21.072 MHz
3. Using the bitx manager from KD8CEC, and getting the values from my bitx I see that the I2C value of the SI5351 is set to oxff. After scanning I see it is found at 0x60. VFO B is not what my bitx display shows.

Now for my questions:

For 1&2 I will probably need to adjust the bfo frequency and then use the calibrate menu from CEC. For the BFO frequency I plan to do the first shift of the passband visually in the waterfall, shifting it tot the left untill it won’t move anymore. (I tested changing the bfo which took a LOT of dialing, but after a short while at my desired frequency, the ubitx resets.) Then after saving the bfo frequency, I would look for a signal on a know frequency and use the calibrate menu to dial in. Is this the right procedure and sequence ? Any tips for a frequency/station to use as a reference for calibrating - WWV is probably not usable in Germany, right ?

For 3: Do I just set the 0x60 value manually? Is there anything I need to set before sending the values back to the bitx ? I really want to avoid bricking it now that I got so far. I wonder why the VFOB is not read correctly: 4294967295 but it was set to 14 something. MHz.

Am I on the right track ?

TIA for any help es 73

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