Re: LED hookup on ubitx v3 board

Evan Hand

There is a way to show RX/TX.  That requires a resistor (I assume it is on the board) and connections to the K1 relay and ground.  You tap off of pins 1 for TX and pin 3 for RX.  That will be 12 volts, so I would assume there is a current limiting resistor on the board supplied with the enclosure kit.  

I have 3 of the enclosures but do not plan on using any of the LEDs.  That would require another connection to the board that would need to be socketed to allow for easy removal and modifications.  Also, with the KD8CEC Nextion screen upgrades, there is a TX/RX indicator on the screen, so the LED on the panel is redundant.

If you have more trouble in working out the details.  Let me know and I will dig into the kits that I have.


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