Re: Nextion Display on uBITX #ubitx #nextion

Bill Cromwell


I was in contest, really just one of the sprints with 4 watts CW. From 1000 miles away I got a 599 report! With a lousy antenna, too. Maybe it was true...

I only had to send my info *once*. I don't tell how much power I am running unless it is part of a contest report (it wasn't this time). But in some events QRP stations are worth more points:) That always helps with 'propagation'.

Some of us have figured out that the spouse might be listening and then gets upset with the other ham for spending all that money on fancy gear when we can get through with very much less. Try living with that:)


Bill KU8H

On 5/20/20 8:26 PM, Aaron K5ATG via wrote:
Thank you,
My favorite is that I get a report of 59 or 20 over S9, then when they find out you are running QRP, all of a sudden they can't hear you. It all adds to the spice of life.
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