Re: uBiTX #v6 - First steps after assembly #v6

Urs, dl1kdx

Hi Reed,

it looks like we are finally getting to the root cause of my issue.

Here is what I did, while IO-Debug sketch running on the Nano:
1. Studying your YT clip many times, I wondered how fast the tones, x-y-coordinates, spin direction and speed and button pushes are detected.
2. Screen and audio updates in my "setup" are taking literally a few seconds. Screen touches with the provided plastic pens are recognized a bit faster, but still taking long.
3. The presented x-y-coordinates are both negative contrary to your YT clip, s. my post from May 19th (

After uploading the modified IO-Debug sketch:
4. I uncommented line 184 in your sketch "ButtonPress_e touch_button = checkTouch(&touch_point);" and added "ButtonPress_e touch_button = NotPressed;"
5. The screen is now flickering, but:
6. Flickering stops when encoder button is pressed.
7. Release of shortly pressing the button leads to a beep in the speaker.
8. Long pressing the button leads to a low audio tone. The screen stops flickering, while button is pressed.
9. Rotating the encoder changes instantly the audio tone and the rotating speed is display in the upper bar, with either negative or positive sign dependent on the orientation.
10. x-y-coordinates remain zero, zero all the times.
11. When the mic is connected: pushing PTT lights up the big TX square on the screen and I can hear one relay switching.

I suppose the experience is now much closer to the expected result. The result points now on issue with the touchscreen, right?

73 de Urs

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