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Jack, W8TEE


Chapter 6 of my Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio book has a PS2 keyboard/keyer. If you or a friend wish to build one, I'd be happy to send you the chapter.

Jack, W8TEE

On Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 6:55:40 PM EDT, Bill Cromwell <wrcromwell@...> wrote:

Hi Aaron,

If anybody gives you a lot crap about using a keyboard refer them to me!
No..I don't use a keyboard. Nobody gives me any crap for being too old
fashioned <sly grin>. I see small-minded people in every endeavor. We
always offer them a helping hand but do not tolerate any 'load of crap'.
There is that old fashioned term again. You do not need an excuse to use
a keyboard or a computer to do CW. If you need one or else have to give
up CW (because you like it) then please use a keyboard and/or computer.
See you on the air. I once had a nice rag chew with ham in PA - CW of
course. About 45 minutes unto the QSO he told matter-of-fact that he is
completely deaf! He had made a device form a speaker voice coil and
'felt' the code with his fingertips. Do whatever works for *you*.

There are so many ways to enjoy the hobby that I can't see any two hams
doing it exactly the same way. And that is one of ham radio's strong
points:) Most of us encourage and support one another.

I will get off the soapbox now. I need to dismantle it and use the
boards to make a cabinet for my homebrew DX-100 clone <wicked grin>.


BillĀ  KU8H

On 5/20/20 5:28 PM, Aaron K5ATG via wrote:
> Thanks Bill.
> I am venturing into CW. Due to neurological damage that I have, I am
> unable to send CW, however, I can receive pretty good by ear. I'm
> looking into setting up a cw keyboard. My main workhorse is my most
> beloved Elecraft K2 QRP version. I know many people consider using a
> keyboard to send CW is cheating, but hey if it is the only way that I
> can use that mode then what can I do? Everyone has the right to have
> their own opinion and I would never want to change that.
> I have befriended the good sir Ashhar Farhan via email. I wanted a radio
> to play around and experiment with such as the BITX40 but he stopped
> production of that. He talked me into homebrewing a BItX 20. So I ended
> up buying his Antuino and uBITX probably as much to support what he is
> doing in India as much as wanting the equipment.

bark less - wag more

Jack, W8TEE

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