Re: Test equipment recommendations

Doug W

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 05:14 PM, <ponton.leo@...> wrote:
For the rest I’ll research and built and hack and modify. As a career programmer I can Arduino and I expect this to be a mainstay. I’ve just received a SI5351 from China and I have an OLED display so you can guess what I’ll be making. I found an ARRL article (QST?) on hacking the Chinese version Forty-9er to use a VFO and I have that kit in my drawer so that’s going to be a project soon.
In addition to this list, it sounds like you would also enjoy

As for a scope, I picked up a Tektronix 2235 on ebay from a reputable seller for probably less than it cost to make the box it came in when it was new.

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