Re: Test equipment recommendations


Wow! A mountain of great advice - thank you all so much. 

i have a RTL SDR V3 dongle which works pretty well and covers HF without an up converter. I can see on its own it will be a great diagnostic tool. I’m not scared of electronics having tinkered for many years starting with an HAC single valve receiver and a very long wire - Radio Moscow, Radio Prague and Voice of America seemed to swamp everything else. 

I’ll probably put the ‘scope on the back burner again although there were some good suggestions I’ll be looking into.

For the rest I’ll research and built and hack and modify. As a career programmer I can Arduino and I expect this to be a mainstay. I’ve just received a SI5351 from China and I have an OLED display so you can guess what I’ll be making. I found an ARRL article (QST?) on hacking the Chinese version Forty-9er to use a VFO and I have that kit in my drawer so that’s going to be a project soon.
once again thanks for all of your advice.


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