Re: Nextion Display on uBITX #ubitx #nextion

Aaron K5ATG

Thanks Bill.
I am venturing into CW. Due to neurological damage that I have, I am unable to send CW, however, I can receive pretty good by ear. I'm looking into setting up a cw keyboard. My main workhorse is my most beloved Elecraft K2 QRP version. I know many people consider using a keyboard to send CW is cheating, but hey if it is the only way that I can use that mode then what can I do? Everyone has the right to have their own opinion and I would never want to change that. 
I have befriended the good sir Ashhar Farhan via email. I wanted a radio to play around and experiment with such as the BITX40 but he stopped production of that. He talked me into homebrewing a BItX 20. So I ended up buying his Antuino and uBITX probably as much to support what he is doing in India as much as wanting the equipment. 

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