Re: Is there a complete v1->v2->v3->v4->v5->v6 hardware version history?

Evan Hand

Ashhar Farhan, if you do not know I do not know who would. 

From what I have been able to find on the net, there were a number of "clones" of the HF Signals version of the uBITX.  Most were copies of the original BITX20 single band radios.  I would not purchase one that is not from HF Signals, as the information is hard to find.  This means that you want a v3 or later microBITX.

The differences between the versions are best recorded on  Without going into detail, most of the differences were to fix audio issues and key clicks (v3->v4) and then spurs and harmonics issues (v4->v5) and finally to include a touch screen interface (not sure I would call it graphics, as the display is text-based)(v5-v6).  The v6 is also the first version that you can order a "full" kit that includes the enclosure from HF Signals.  There are still some enclosures for the v3-5 that you can buy, though I believe that these will get harder to find as they are no longer in production.

If you do purchase any version prior to 5, you should do a harmonics and spurs test to verify compliance with the FCC (by your call I looked up that you are in the USA). has the fixes listed there as well.

Hope this helps you with your purchase choices.  They are MY preferences/thoughts, you will need to verify for yourself.

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