Re: #ubitxcw #ubitxv6 More signal out on 10 meters than other bands? #ubitxcw #ubitxv6

Stephen KO4CVU

As you suggested, I connected an audio (cassette player) source in series with a 1 mfd electrolytic capacitor to the microphone input. (I had recorded my voice speaking “Test Test” with my call sign on the tape.) The current consumption will exceed 1 amp on both the 10 meter and 80 meter bands at the peak volumes on the tape. Looks like a bad Baofeng microphone but I won’t know for sure until I receive the CB microphone with pre-amp. I ordered the one you suggested in your previous message the other day. Am I correct in thinking that I will need the 1 mfd capacitor with it also? I will let you know whether the new microphone solves the problem or not. 
Thank you for your help.
Stephen, KO4CVU

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