Re: Nextion Display on uBITX #ubitx #nextion

Bill Cromwell


If you a CW user you may prefer to install the CEC software or Reed's software. I have worked on several uBitX radios for others and the stock software has been unsatisfactory in various degrees. The original V6 software rendered CW completely unusable but I think that has been fixed now.

By all means try your radio 'as shipped' and if you are satisfied continue to enjoy it. My V3 has very few mods with the CEC software being the biggest change.


Bill KU8H

On 5/20/20 9:46 AM, Aaron K5ATG via wrote:
Thanks, everyone for the replies and the explanations.
I agree I want to give the stock configuration a go for a while. I want to learn the characteristics of the radio before I start changing it.
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