Re: Test equipment recommendations

Robert D. Bowers

Laugh!!!   I suggested a good meter because the ones I was thinking about had other useful functions like cap testing and better tolerance of spikes (plus the safety features you mentioned).  To that I'd add that multimeters as a general rule don't like HF (guess how I know)!  Some have a frequency counter function built in - but the models I've seen with that were limited in bandwidth - and as I'd learned, that maximum frequency and AC voltage IS the limit. Another suggestion to add - remember the specs and try to avoid exceeding them!

I'd forgotten the general coverage receiver.  Thanks for bringing that up.

As far as SDR, you can buy a bare-bones upconverter now that works pretty well, for not that much money.  I've got one - board and components only, but it's sensitive, rather good at rejecting signals above 30mhz, and doesn't seem to radiate much when used. (So far I've not seen any ghost signals from the upconverter - and I do watch for them.)


On 5/17/20 6:20 PM, Reed N wrote:
There's already a lot of good recommendations here, but thought I'd add my 2 cents.

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