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On some runs of the Baofeng mics, the little hole in the case for the mic is in the wrong spot!  Open it up and drill the hole in the correct spot (you'll see it).  My mic went from crappy to sounding GREAT!

On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 9:30 PM Curt via <> wrote:

My v4 did not come with an assembled mic, so I found a kenwood speaker mic and wired a new connector on it.

Possibly your mic element may be okay, but have lousy material over it. Maybe I read here that some have modified those microphones?  also evaluate your output power. First check your cw output level. Your voice won't reach that level since an ordinary power meter responds too slow. But needle should dance significantly off of zero when you are getting adequate drive. See if your mic is delivering adequate audio. It could even be padding over the element. You may need to experiment,  ordering a new mic may not necessarily solve it.

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