Re: Test equipment recommendations

Ashhar Farhan

Even a 20 mhz scope is good enough. The old analog, crt scopes dont shutter down beyond their operating frequency, they remain usable to almost twice the frequency. 
These can be picked up for a few dollars. The other really useful test instrument is a general coverage superher receiver. You can build one quickly. Keep no front end filter so that it tunes a wide range with a wide range vfo. This becomes your manual spectrum analyzer.

On Mon 18 May, 2020, 1:34 AM Gigabyte, <steven.b.hoff@...> wrote:
The speed of most of those little scopes is not fast enough for a lot of stuff.  

I got one of these used for $60

It's 72MS/s and it's awesome.  There is third party opens source firmware for it.  With the open source firmware it can even be hooked to serial lines and display the data on the lines.  

I was originally going to get one of those cheaper little DSOs but discovered this one and just happens across one online.  It was used but still in the original box.   I've been real happy with it for what I do.   

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Very off topic. My mind is wandering since passing my foundation, getting my call sign and now waiting for a radio. The Baofeng I ordered at the beginning of April didn’t arrive (woop!) and I got a refund. The next day delivery FT-65 to replace it which I ordered on Thursday is coming on Monday. My uBitx is awaiting a despatch window. My CW isn’t good enough to use my Forty-9er yet. I can’t afford a FT-817.

So, I’m tinkering with circuits, arduino and so on. Of course whenever I google something there’s an oscilloscope in the article. Since I was a kid I thought I needed one but they’re pricey. Does anybody know....are those twenty-odd quid digital things any good? e.g. JYE Tech DSO138 Mini Digital Oscilloscope. I’ve heard good things about the NanoVNA and I wondered if these little ‘scopes are reasonable in the same way.

Or maybe I’d be better getting and old style big box scope from eBay and hope it works (“Spares only, turns on, but no way to test it” is the standard disclaimer)

Better still, what do people recommend for basic test equipment?



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