Re: Test equipment recommendations

Evan Hand

For me, the basic is:
1 - DMM
2 - An SWR/Power meter
3 - A 100Mhz or better oscilloscope
4 - A PC

Nice to have if you are going to do surgery, PA mods, or antenna experiments:
1 - An SDR Play RSP1A with a -50 DB tap and step attenuator to use as a Spectrum Analyzer (SA) 
2 - NanoVNA or Antuino (from HF Signals)
3 - 50MHz signal generator

Really nice to have:
1 - 2 GHz spectrum analyzer (Sigelent or Rigol)

All of the DSO Oscilloscopes that I have seen are only good to 1 MHz or so.  You really need the 100 MHz to do testing on a superheterodyne transceiver like the uBITX.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the flexibility and usefulness of the SDR Play RSP1A as a SA.  Of course, I would really like a Sigelent or Rigol SA, just not ready to spend $1,000+.

Above are my thoughts, others may be different, and YMMV.
Good Luck

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