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Bill Cromwell

Hi Dale,

I followed the link and the first thing I saw was MS Windows. It might run on my computers under WINE. I will eventually find out.


Bill KU8H

On 5/14/20 4:11 PM, Dale Parfitt wrote:
Hi Bill,
Agilent/Keysight Genesys is the ultimate simulator/synthesizer software tool. Not only does it design the filter to your requirements, it allows for tuning the components (with real world Q and D). The graphs (of your choice) change in real time as you tune. So one can say, optimize the Return Loss spec across 160M while seeing the impact of filter loss across the rest of the graph. Does thermal and Monte Carlo analysis- anything you can imagine. Then generates the PCB Gerber file using your components.
Dale W4OP
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Hi Dale,
You might find something useful on the QRP Labs site. Look at their low
pass filter kits. You can buy the parts or roll your own from their
directions. I have a set as I am awaiting the QSX kit when it comes out.
Bill KU8H
On 5/14/20 3:27 PM, Dale Parfitt wrote:
We are on the same page Bill. The bitx finals are Push pull so that helps us with the 3rd 160M harmonic= 5.4- 6MHz. and up. That means a low order 160M LP elliptic filter with a zero in the 3.6-4MHz spectrum should do it. Time to spend some time in Gensys simulation/synthesis and get the spectrum analyzer on the uBitx unless someone else has already done the SA work.

Dale W4OP
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