Re: Alternate MOSFET finals for BitX40 and others

Frank Cathell

I just tested the IRLZ14 MOSFET which is another logic level device. It appears by far to be a better choice than the NTP18N06L device previously mentioned. It was much easier to set the bias of 100 mA with the bias pot (about 1.9 volts) as the setting was MUCH less touchy than it was with the NTP device. This part produced about 11 watts PEP SSB into a 50 ohm dummy load with 13.5 Vdc input to the rig. The heating was also noticeably less under a 3 watt, 30 second CW key down than the NTP device using the same heat sink. Again, this device was tested on 40M only.  The IRLZ14 is $0.87 at Mouser Electronics. Another interesting MOSFET is the FQP13N06L from Mouser.  Will probably order a couple of these at $0.89 apiece.


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