Alternate frequency and BFO alignment method #calibration #bfo

Don Alejandro

I aligned my V6 uBitx according to the online methods  - zero-beating WWV, then setting the BFO for loudest reception or using the online tuning aid. But I noticed that both the frequency and the transmit passband for SSB were a little bit off when viewed using an SDR pan adapter.  This gave me the idea to set the frequency and BFO by looking at the transmitted signal rather than listening to the received signal.

Here's a post describing the technique, with a few images to illustrate. I've gotten great reports after using this method to set the BFO.  It's basically pretty simple - transmit some white noise to see where the where the transmit passband is in relation to where it should be, then tweak it up or down by trial and error to put it in the right place:

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