Re: UBITx V4 using CEC 1.6v Saving Start up Frequency and Mode #bitx40help #firmware

Bill Cromwell

Hi Wes,

I have a V3 but I recently worked on a V6 for another ham. I installed Reed's software in it and checked it out. I think you would like it but need a filter for CW if the bands get busy. Audio filters are fine. I liked it but not enough to buy another one :) I am also not abandoning my V3.

Are you thinking of mobile operation while driving? I used to do that and used CW, too. I got lucky and managed to avoid having a wreck. I gave it up after a couple of other hams reported ruining several cars in kess than a second. Maybe you mean to use it in a parked motor home or travel trailer. That can be a lot of fun.


Bill KU8H

On 5/9/20 12:35 PM, Richard West via wrote:
Thank you all for your input. I suspect that programming feature was a safeguard to prevent an "oh, that guy" moment, and a transmitting out-of-band incident. I can live with it as it is, and understand the reason. After all the "fun" I've had with this radio so far, would the V6 be worth the time and effort this time or not. Like the display, and the ease of construction now. Wanted something small to take on the road in the RV. Dunno, still thinking.
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