Re: Okay last time questions and then i quit

MVS Sarma

Even if O P quitted, the heafing wont quit and it is a paradox. 

On Sat, 9 May 2020, 9:50 am Rene, <rmvanb@...> wrote:
Okay thx to all, and thx for trying helping me out. The receiver i use, is the yupi, my house got 3 floors,radio on top floor and yupi downstairs, so no interference. The audio seems to carry some signals with it, don't know where from??, nothing near, exept the computer,but i tryed it with computer of and on. Also power supply, now i have a standard 13.8 volt 8 A supply but i also used 18650 batteries....same efforts.  Also pulled the baofeng mike out, didn't do his work, so putted new electret in it...litle better but still inteference like a hard drill,no like 10 hard drills. I'll keep in mind Herman and Erwin. I think Herman woold be better in the Netherlands, i'live in Hoofddorp😉. But for now, corona is still here so time is finished and i have to paint the house in and out. So thx all for thinking with me, i keep on reading the forums. Reagrds,

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