Re: Frequenti Calibration ubitx v5.0 standaard+BFO

Herman Scheper

Hello Gerrit U


First: think that every Ubitx 5.0 has different calibration.  They are all a little different!


But it will help if you know the values from other Ubitx 5.0.


When i was starting with the Ubitx 5.0 it was almost impossible to calibrate that time; until


I got the values from another Ham.


Now i am the owner of two Ubitx V5.0 and I will give you the values from both of them.


Both i modified them withs a Nextion 3.2 and a Nextion 5 “display.


  1. Master   122500        2) SSB     11055570
  2. Master    150440       2)  SSB    1105500


One of thisUbitx V5 i calibrated with the original display and software. So you don’t need other display and software.



So give it a try.



It will be much easier if you install KD8CEC user interface; so you can use UBITX manager.



Hope you can use i and find a good solution.



Herman Scheper   PA0BAB



Van: <> Namens Gerritu
Verzonden: dinsdag 5 mei 2020 12:18
Onderwerp: [BITX20] Frequenti Calibration ubitx v5.0 standaard+BFO


Can anyone help me with the original  calibration frequency
for the ubitx v5.0 plus the BFO frequency
Thanks a lot

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