Re: Setting up a comprehensive station

Bill Cromwell

Hi Evan,

There is never any call for flames in of forum, even the political forums. I know, I know, that doesn't seem to stop some.

The causes are probably not simple and even if they are the solutions won't be.


Bill KU8H

On 4/30/20 5:16 PM, Evan Hand wrote:
I have done multiple searches on  From that empirical data I have surmised that the text of the post is not being searched, only the title and hashtags.  That is not really helpful unless everyone adds hashtags to the message title.  I  think that is too much to ask of the new user, and I do not know how to do so in a reply.  Maybe we need "Potential Elmer" training as well
Until I learn more, I will try to share what I think I know.  I only ask that corrections be respectful and not flaming.
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