Re: Keeping the finals cool


I always blow cool air inwards, I dont want hot air heating the fan parts and causing premature death.

Running a 12V fan on 5V makes it real quiet!


At 24/04/2020, you wrote:
Heat rises when its a static environment.  You add fans and its no longer static and the heat will go where its told to go by the fans.  Most times fans are pointed in a way that will keep the surrounding components cool (no blowing hot fan exhaust on them) and the circuit clean of dust.  Take a look at most CPU heatsink these days,  Most all high end and laptop CPUs blow or pull across the heatsink from the side and not from the top.  You also dont need to run the fan at 100% if you can reduce the rpm.  It doesn't take much airflow to cool this in most cases and usually good enough that the air is moving.  I know unless you have some 120mm fan that the smaller 40-80mm fans can get quite loud.


On Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 3:48 PM Zac T <ztread01@...> wrote:

Ok, that give me an idea of where to place the fans and direction to point them.  I'll check the schematic and see if I can tap into the board for some power and put the little buggers into the case.

Thanks guys.

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