Re: Okay new quesetion #antennas #v6


Okay now I will tell a story - I first saw and used an automated VNA around 1979.  I will still a EE college student, but had a work assignment at a company then called RCA.  The VNA from a company then called HP was 2 or 3 racks full of boxes, attached to a computer.  It was revolutionary, expensive and quite rare back then.  (I remember the 8409 - this was one generation before that).  They had 2 of them and they kept them busy. 

The crew here can work with Rene to give some things to measure - actually you can start to see the effective of resistors that are not 50 ohms - as well as whatever antennas you have.  Maybe I should examine the complex impedance of my short 160m top loaded vertical, its decently matched as is and I use it on some other bands as well.  The EFHW I have works on every HF-ish band except 60 and 160m. 

enjoy your complex impedance measurements!

73 Curt

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