digital s-meter/power meter forubitx

talmadge huckabee

While at home in lock_down i saw this Web site (
about a adding a digital S-meter/power meter using a arduino board, it looked good project for my
cubit ver 5 radio so, I started to look to see what i needed to use this software.
My ubitx radio has the CEC firmware Ver 1.2 with a 5" Next ion display, also i installed
the Standalone Signal Analyzer(ic2 signal-meter).I uploaded pictures of the insulation
and drawings of the circuits. The vu meter is connected  to the microphone input on the
the ubitx board you'll need CEC firmware ver 1.2 to use it. Just press the TX STOP
Button then press the mic PTT Button then set Smeter/vu meter switch to vu, the oled
display will display microphone output level (there ubitx will not xmit).
The power meter scale needs to be changed the scale goes up to 100w, I need to change
it to read 30w scale.I use a arduino mini pro just becouse i had one!

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