Re: uBitx v.4 build information

Rubens Kamimura

Hi Evan

It was feeding the PA with 20Vdc, through a boost (step up converting 13.8Vdc to 20Vdc), therefore with a different power supply.
I noticed that I am not receiving any signal on JTDX (FT8) at the moment. I'll check if signs will arrive later to be sure. With reference to the oscilloscope (type) I have two of two channels if I'm not mistaken, I need to remove the cobwebs ... check if I still have their software on the laptop ... then I will check the signals on the gates, emitter of Q90, etc.

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Em qui., 16 de abr. de 2020 às 14:28, Evan Hand <elhandjr@...> escreveu:

Suggestion, verify that the receive function works, then try the transmit function without the power to the PA connection.  You should be able to verify the bias settings as being adjustable from 0 volts to 4 volts or so.  The bias is only applied when the PTT or CW ket is pressed.

I would also check to see if I am getting a drive signal at the gate of the finals.  I did this on my uBITX using an oscilloscope.  I cannot find the pictures I took, and need to run out and get food.  Will check again later.


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