ubitx v6 board only


hello to the group.  KD0DAM here. General class ticket holder since 2008.    i just finished testing my ubitx v6 and its not working well.  so far I have tried receive only.    I desoldered the BNC for the antenna and soldered the coax (50 ohm rg8) to the board.  I used a 14v 5amp switching pwr supply.   I am hooked to a 40m folded dipole at 30 ft.  I spun thru the bands and all I got was audio tones 80 thru 10.  Some sounded like possibly SSTV,  most seemed to be approx. 1000hz.,  on 80 and 40 this tone was very strong in some spots.   Has my arduino gone out, or what?   Thought I would put this before the group...Seems like a lot of experience and knowledge in this group.  

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