Re: Nextion 4.3" Firmware?



The Enhanced version of the few Nextion screens I've used (or destroyed) have each had a space for a memory battery, so, that's one possible indicator of which one you have.

Aside from that, it costs nothing to try each of the standard/enhanced versions of the firmware in your size; loading the incorrect one will simply result in an error message.  One is cautioned in that event to delete the [incorrect] firmware from the uSD card prior to trying again with the opposite version, as the upload file must be the only one on the uSD card at the time :) 

As for the battery on an enhanced screen, I don't believe it's necessary, certainly not a reason to hop out into the diseased world just to fetch one.   That option exists for the addition of violate software that the enhanced screen is capable of using within more complicated projects than the uBitx represents.

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