Re: Some Improvements to the stock V6 code #firmware #calibration #bfo #ubitxv6

Evan Hand

Thanks for the information.  I have thought of doing the potentiometer to adjust the sound levels, I just have not gotten to it, and I can make it work the way I have it.

I have used both the FT-817 and the FT857 interfaces, and do not see a difference. Since the last one I had in the setup page was the FT-857, I reported that.  Again, I did not see a difference in performance.

The EasyDigi is an inexpensive kit with 2 600 ohm isolation transformers and a PTT isolation circuit.  I do not use the PTT as that is done via CAT.

The Cadillac setup would be a SignalLink that has all of the isolation, volume controls and USB sound card in a single case.  Of course, it is expensive, almost as much as I paid for one of my uBITX.


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