Re: Some Improvements to the stock V6 code #firmware #calibration #bfo #ubitxv6


Hey Ted,

Guess I was wrong about K8DCEC...since I don't have a Nextion display yet, haven't tried that let's see what the future holds...

With respect to FT8, my current setup is CAT connected to USB of the laptop. Audio out of uBitx goes to mic of the laptop and PTT key goes to the Speaker out of the laptop.

Unfortunately all I have are basic aux cables with TRS plugs, don't have any TS cables and I think I need TS for this work. With the lockdown, I can't buy nor I can make one for lack of materials.

So with this setup, I am able to do decode FT8. And in Configuration, I can't make WSJT-x work with uBitx. "Test Cat" button fails and so TEST PTT never gets enabled.

Read somewhere that the cable for PTT in into uBitx must be cable with only TS and not TRS...

If you have don'e something on this, please do share.

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