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Do it Rene. They are not very expensive. You need some time to learn how to do.
I am back in om business after 35 years other things and hobbies. In that time i used a big 5 el.rotary hf beam and worked the whole world with Kenwood and home build stuff. 
Now i build a Ubitx V5 and made some dipoles and end fed wire antennas. I used the Nanova to see how my antennas are end behave. Ibuild a 3.5-7 MHz and 14-21 Mhz dipole and my Nanova told me after installing the dipoles on which freq they have their resonance dip. So i can cut one and can also see what to do with the other one.
Very very good touse and have the Nanova. Without the result would be not so good.
You can find a lot of movies on youtube.  I bough one from Aliex. but have them too for a fair price..

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Op 15 apr. 2020 om 19:11 heeft Rene <rmvanb@...> het volgende geschreven:

Hello i am thinking to buy an NanoVna analyzer. Maybe somone has  experience with the Bitx and anayzing his antenna etcetc???

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