Re: Some Improvements to the stock V6 code #firmware #calibration #bfo #ubitxv6


"I am able to work FT8 RX with Decode, no luck on TX yet. Still analyzing how K8DCEC build is able to do FT8."

With respect, the KD8CEC firmware does not do FT8 itself, any more than it does SSB by itself. The radio, regardless of firmware, will send your sound card's audio tones  pretty nicely if you've got whatever radio-to-computer isolation matters and microphone level input level considerations set up.  I wonder if I might inquire as to what trouble your rig's having - what you're sending the mic input, what you get from it in terms of tx/rx relay switching, any trace reception upon a redundant receiver in the room? 

There are a bunch of smarter people in the room than I, though I'd like to help with them if possible.  And how I wish I was any good at any kind of computer code work; it makes my head explode and that gets messy. Disguise aerials are no problem, so I'll stick to that.

Be safe and well,


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