Re: Circuit for second PTT that will mute Mic but allow line-in...

Rob French (KC4UPR)

I have refined my requirements a little.

- The default input (enabled, even if neither PTT line is activated) is the computer line-in.  Why?  So that I can do PTT via CAT control if desired.
- However, the mic input can only be active if the mic PTT line is activated.
- I trust the computer to be quiet while the mic is in use.
- Mixing the two inputs may be desirable (i.e. if the mic PTT is being depressed, it might be desirable to also inject something via the computer line in).

Thus, the only input line I need to be able to switch is mic input, using the mic PTT.  While that input is enabled, the computer line in can also remain enabled.  I think this will greatly simplify the transistor/diode logic I need to implement...


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