FS: V4.3 in case, W/fan, CEC Firmware, USB cord, (Mostly) working.....

Gregory Schippers <kc8hxo2@...>

Well this week I got this in the mail, and it had stuff skittering about inside the (banggood?) case when I unboxed it. (Always a bad sign!). First thing: off with the cover. Bits rattling around are 3 odd balls of solder, and a blade off the fan. (Shrouded, not sure how it would get broken in shipment, but who knows.) Any way, here is what I know. It's off frequency about 1.75 Kc or so on 40M, it will go into TX with supplied (included in this sale)  hand mic, but NO power output. NO power output in CW with a key, but it does go into TX. Receive seems to work fine, although a bit off Freq, as noted. Fan is variable with a pot on rear of case, and it works great, but now unbalanced, so vibrates the rig.... I will send the broken blade, maybe simple super-glue fix? Hooked USB to my old Linux laptop last night, and I could get FLDIGI to recognize the rig, and see signals on waterfall with cord from phones jack on rig to PC mic input. From non-smoking homes. This thing is ALMOST really nice. More good news is, I bet someone can fix it pretty easily. Bad news- it won't be me. Not interested, nor capable. It was advertised as in good working order, which is why I bought it. Looking to recover some of my $$. Will ship DOUBLE BOXED this time, to lower 48 only for $120. I take PayPal only.... would like this out of my life.
Contact me via an "I'll take it" here, or via QRZ listed email. 
Greg, KC8HXO

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